What is anger

What is Anger? Anger is a completely normal valid, usually healthy human emotion. It’s a warning signal that something is wrong – just as physical pain can be a warning, “the stove is hot – move your hand now”. Anger is a natural adaptive response to threats and can warn you of imminent danger and trauma and as such is necessary to our survival. The energy of anger can be put to good use. But when it gets out of…

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Dealing with anger

Are you an exploder or imploder?  There are usually two ways that most of us deal with our anger, either to implode or explode. Exploders move from anger into rage quickly. These are adult temper tantrums. Exploders are irrational in their regressed state and cause harm to themselves and to those around them. Their anger is the rage of the moment. Exploders are unable to look at the big picture and are swamped by the reptilian and mammalian part of…

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