Managing anger in the workplace

Managing Anger in the Workplace

The High Cost of Anger in the Workplace

Workplace anger is costly to the employee, the company and co-workers – 42% of employee time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict resulting in wasted employee time, mistakes, stress, lower morale, hampered performance and reduced profits and service. From angry staff and work colleagues to seething customers whose anger is out of control, you are in the firing line of their hostility – how do you manage it effectively?

Recent statistics show the cost of anger in the workplace – here’s just a few:

45% of us regularly lose our temper at work
65% of those who work in an office have had office rage
53% of people have been the victims of bullying at work
1 in 5 workers are subjected to violence at work
Not dealing with anger in the workplace can have severe health consequences for staff – here are a few facts:

Aggressive personalities are more susceptible to heart attacks and clogged arteries
Those with a short fuse are more likely to smoke and drink and are 2.7 times more likely to have a heart attack than someone with a calmer disposition.
Men who bottle up emotions until they lose their tempers in violent outbursts are twice as likely to suffer a stroke, than men who have a calmer disposition.
Young women who express their anger and aggression frequently have higher cholesterol levels than those with a calmer disposition
Bottling up anger and resentment can lead to depression, cancer, self-harm and substance misuse

Clearly, poorly handled anger, frustration and resentment sabotage business productivity and leads to unhappy staff and working environment.

How We Can Help? – An Overview of Our Programme:

As can be seen from the statistics above it’s a proven fact that incidents of physical, verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour occur on a regular basis within many working environments. Our Managing Anger in the Workplace programme is very effective for those people who come into contact with aggressive and hostile behaviour as part of their everyday or working lives. Very often what we see or do can escalate a difficult situation. It is important to recognize what people need in that moment, and how it may be possible to give it to them without compromising our own integrity. Using scenarios that reflect situations that might arise in the work place, we teach skills to help you handle and defuse conflict situations, protecting employers and their employees and creating a more harmonious, safe working environment. By examining and identifying reasons behind conflict it is therefore possible to improve work strategies.

Managing Anger in the Workplace is an intensive one-day programme delivered at one of our venues or a venue that suits you. Some of the issues covered include:

How to deal with verbal aggression in a professional way that creates win/win situations
How to create strong personal boundaries in order not to take things personally
How to stay in control of a situation and to achieve a positive outcome with others
Recognise when someone is being passive aggressive
How the use of body language and listening skills can be very powerful tools, to bring calm to potentially hostile situations

What you will learn:

  • The five anger styles
  • The early warning signs of anger
  • The three rules of de-escalation
  • The main sources of anger
  • The impact of emotional regression
  • Anger and the human brain
  • An effective conflict resolution process
  • How to stay grounded and calm
  • Recognise what triggers you and others
  • Strategies for controlling angry situations
  • Staying out of the way of danger
  • Active listening skills
  • Positive use of empathy
  • Understanding primary needs and feelings


Feel free to contact us to find out about the full range of professional, innovative and client focussed services we have to offer, that could be of help to you, your staff or work colleagues. The Irish Association of Anger Management is committed to providing the highest calibre of training and consultancy to our clients. We look forward to hearing from you and arranging a Free consultation to find out your training requirements.

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