Temper Your Anger

Temper Your Anger – Intensive 2 Day Programme


Not knowing how to stop your anger causes it to grow, intensify and spread to anyone or anything that gets in the way. Often it harms the ones we love – wife, husband, partner, children, friends or even people we work with, both colleagues and customers. It is important that we learn what triggers us in the first place. We react before we stop and think, then find ourselves having to deal with the consequences, which can be painful.

Overview of Temper Your Anger:

We recommend this intensive and in-depth anger management programme which is delivered from Saturday through to Sunday. It is open to all adults who wish to explore, understand and identify the roots of their anger and express/get it under control safely through learning the necessary tools to manage and transform anger effectively.

You will learn how to evaluate your anger and stress levels, using cutting-edge techniques combined with an experiential approach, formulating strategies to successfully deal with them. Through identifying your anger triggers and developing an acute profile of your own anger and stress levels you will be enabled to transform them into a healthy part of your life.

Evidence shows that our anger is usually rooted in childhood and adolescence. Growing up in an invalidating environment where rejection, withdrawal of love, physical and emotional abuse, inappropriate punishments and humiliation are some of our experience, we cope by locking these traumatic memories in the unconscious part of our brain where they secretly fuel our angry reactions in the present.

Ranging from those who are violent in their expression of anger to those who inhibit and contain their rage, Temper your Anger helps you step through your inhibitions to start the process of effectively managing your anger and that of others.

What you will learn:

  • How to recognize your anger type and style
  • Historical anger verses present tense anger
  • The first six rules of anger management
  • Defence mechanisms
  • Discover what anger is and what is not
  • Primary feelings and needs
  • What the main sources of anger are
  • Understanding rage and how it differs from anger
  • Powerful strategies for managing your anger
  • Recognise anger-triggering thoughts and learn ways to challenge them
  • The human brain and anger
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Techniques for healthy conflict resolution
  • The regressive power of historical anger
  • Learn how to control anger-generating stress
  • Attachment styles and anger
  • Shame and anger
  • Some of the issues covered include:
  • Active listening
  • How we perceive things
  • Reactions verses responses to anger
  • Recognising differences between clean and unclean anger
  • Creating a support network
  • Recognise your assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices
  • Benefits of keeping an anger journal
  • Taking time out
  • Interpersonal clearings
  • Why we take things personally
  • Recognise the early warning signals of anger and find out how to cool down before
    things get really hot

Cost: Euro 325 (payable in advance)

Duration: 15 hours – Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm

Dates: Please check IaAM’s event diary for up to date information

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